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Rayna Lumbard, MA, LMFT, MHT

Your Expert Guide on Your Journey to Discover and Express
Your Authentic Self and Life Purpose.

Create InnerSuccess to Empower and Accomplish Your Life Goals and Dreams!

Holistic Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Psychospiritual Energy Healing Transformational Success Coaching

To Resolve Issues and Trauma to Your Body / Mind / Spirit / Emotions /
Relationships / Career / Health / Finances

Specializing in Working with Individuals, Couples, Families, Businesses, and Organizations

Rayna is an experienced, highly gifted intuitive, marriage and family therapist, master hypnotherapist, and psychospiritual energy/sound healer. She provides the tools to raise your self=worth, your InnerSuccess, the foundation to accomplish your goals and dreams in your relationships, career, health and finances. Experience the positive power of Transformational Processes such as Your Inner Wisdom Journey, Higher Light Connections, Reiki and Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing. Rayna has an effective, inspiring and spirited way of empowering your unique vision, supporting rapid breakthroughs to lifelong success and well-being.

She offers life-mastery coaching, transformational business and success coaching, relationship therapy, energy work and psychospiritual healing. Rayna has a positive, effective and inspiring way of empowering your unique vision, life purpose and the action needed to balance your life while achieving your goals for lifelong success and well-being.

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"Rayna has a special talent for zeroing in on discovering one's
strength and finding the right direction to take in their life.
Her innovative approach helps people break free from their
personal blocks to achieve personal and professional success."
Susan Wigley, D.C

How You Will Benefit Working with Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, MHT

Move Forward In Your Life

Balance Your Time & Energy

Heal Your Physical, Mental
Emotional & Spiritual

  • Create Loving Relationships, Vibrant
    Health, Financial & Career Success

  • Overcome Depression & Grief

  • Transform Stress & Anxiety

  • Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Awaken Sexual Passion & Romance

  • Communicate Easily & Powerfully

  • Ease Life Transitions

  • Learn Positive Parenting

  • Dissolve Destructive Life Patterns
  • Develop Your Gifts and Talents

  • Experience Laughter, Light, Peace
    and Love to create the life you've
    been dreaming about!


Attract More Money & Prosperity

  • Find Life Direction & Purpose

  • Transform All Your Relationships

  • Take Career to the Next Level

  • Move Beyond Procrastination

  • Achieve Optimal Health

  • Relieve Pain, Feel Good Naturally

  • Sleep Better, Have More Energy

  • Overcome Addictions & Compulsions

  • Manage Your Weight With Ease

  • Transform Unhealthy Habits

  • Enhance Your Creativity

  • Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence
    in Your Career, Relationships, & Social Life

  • Learn to "Ground" Yourself, Balance Your Energy, Calm Your Mind & Other
    Self-Healing Techniques