Dolphin Healing Adventure


Rayna has a special talent for zeroing in on discovering one's strength and finding the right direction to take in their life. Her innovative approach helps people break free from their personal blocks to achieve personal and professional success.
Susan Wigley, D.C.

Working with Rayna has supported me in identifying and reaching for my dreams to make them a reality. Her deeper processes focused my energies on what is best for me; the answers are within me and with sufficient nurturing through self-care, I can hear and see my Truth. I learned that Growth is a fluid, flowing and subtle process that leads me through many small steps that add up to big changes. Rayna's nurturing & loving guidance both inspired me and encouraged me to listen to and trust myself. The life purpose meditation gave me the most powerful messages from my soul. I loved her higher/deeper meditations at each session and will continue working with her.
KG, Sales Representative

Rayna ~ Thank you so very much for all the light, healing, and love you have brought into the world and into my life. God Bless You! - Lisa

"Tools of the Spirit" are special gifts and are often difficult to find and use in our lives. Rayna is a gifted Healer / Therapist who has many tools that work to help us realize our True Self and allow us to instantly and magically transform in just one or two experiential exercises. She is a master at creating healing processes with you, as she has for me and my family! Give her a call! You'll be glad you did. Bravo Rayna and Thank You!
Jeff Werner, Owner of Life Celebrations, Team Development

Dear Rayna ~ I am so lucky that I talked to you. How amazing after only two meetings, I really feel better and my life is better, too. I believe that it is the positive energy you gave me. During our session you guided me in how to imagine a wise person, which really helped me tap into my own inner wisdom. I love learning and practicing the tools I read in the book, ll You Really Need is HART: Holistic and Rapid Transformation. My partner and I have a business that was floundering. Now the business is pretty promising and investment money is coming in. I use the communication tools when I speak with my partner and am experiencing a positive outcome. Again, many thanks for your help, and I will continue with your training. It is wonderful! Best!
Li, Business Owner

Rayna Lumbard is one of the most intuitive people I know. During her talk on her experiences with dolphins, I was captivated by her joyfulness and knowledge in expressing her love for the dolphins. I felt that I was there as she described her personal experiences. She led us on a powerful meditation that allowed me to experience the joy and play of the dolphins for myself. I would highly recommend you experience the magic of dolphins that Rayna embodies in her presentations and personal counseling work.
Caroline Chase, Holistic Healer

Working with Rayna is really empowering. She is so attuned intuitively with my process that my healing is accelerated. I leave feeling awesome and aligned!
Aurieona, Jewelry Designer

Rayna Lumbard moves into her space of light and love when sharing in front of an audience. She is just amazing to connect with. Rayna conveys a powerful message of the emergence of a world community based on pure love while the polarities of right/wrong and good/bad are erased. When Rayna is true to her Self and shares her gifts of energetic healing and hope for humanity, her personal power blossoms. Thank you Rayna for sharing the gifts of the dolphins to me and my group.
Joan Banks Stutes. Investment Adviser Representitive

Rayna was once one of my supervisors when I was getting my Marriage and Family Therapy license many years ago. Now she's a friend and colleague. What I like best about her is that she puts NO limits on bliss. I have never met anyone else as willing to create bliss AND be patient on an ongoing basis when anyone around her is afraid of bliss. Another of Rayna's most endearing qualities is that she likes EVERYONE. It is awesome how she befriends every person she meets with great enthusiasm.

Rayna did a healing with me last summer when I was facing a challenge that was overwhelming. She was right on the mark! So I have invited her to be available at my Unconditional Awakening Journeys for anyone who wishes to experience a transformational session with her. She is a wonderful spiritual healer who is highly intuitive, extremely intelligent and highly skilled. She also is exuberant when she works with clients. Rayna is very humble, able to celebrate her gifts and honestly address her challenges. What a JOY she is!!!!!
Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, Miracle Coach, Animal Intuitive

Rayna is a magnificent therapist and has helped me unravel so many things and get it all straightened out for myself, I can never thank her enough!!!! She is so positive in the way that she allows me to have "negative feelings" and have that be ok, and then take those feelings on a transformative journey to assist me and my precious relationships to the land of love, trust and fulfillment.
Dr.TW, Acupuncturist, Author

Rayna is very gifted in being able to ask the right questions in the beginning, in order find out exactly how she can help a client. She then does energy work. She uses hypnotherapy in order to have the client visualize what is needed. She is an excellent guide in getting us to a place of healing. In there, we learn ways we can heal ourselves, anytime we want. She also uses affirmations and declarations to help the us change our Energy during the session and even for use afterwards. She is so positive and so appreciative of our best parts, which she easily finds, and this empowers us and makes us feel great. If you want an uplifting healing, I highly recommend Rayna. Davie Pfaffle, Astrologer, Author

I always enjoy Rayna's presentations at The Awareness Network. I felt that she was so at ease with what she was sharing. There was a peaceful energy she gave the group… She really touched the group, as I could see it on people's faces. The guided meditation was wonderful and the videos added so much. I can't get over the dolphin that was following the crest of the wave the boat was making  MM

"Rayna has a positive, gentle way of empowering people in breaking through their personal barriers to success."
PP, Graphic Artist

I would like to highly recommend Rayna Lumbard as a therapist. She entered into our lives at a very difficult time when my child (teenager) was suffering from a deep depression. My child had seen many therapists and psychiatrists prior to Rayna. However, it is only Rayna who was able to connect with and help my child during her journey to healing. It was her sensitivity and her years of experience which allowed my child to open up and work intensely on her own road of soul searching in order to allow her to move forward. On a personal basis, I also saw Rayna when my family was in crisis. She listened to me attentively and gave me the feedback to help myself and my family. At a very dark time in our life, Rayna was the only light which provided us hope that there were solutions and that tomorrow would be a better day. I am eternally grateful for the services she provided to my family and myself. "Thank you, Rayna, for being our angel during a very difficult time in our lives."
V.G., Elementary School Teacher

Rayna is by far the most intuitive, healing, and loving therapist I've yet encountered. Over the years of working with her, I've had the privilege of developing a profound rhythm and trust to grow and transform into a higher version of myself. An unsettling past that's driven my current life behaviors and beliefs is what drove me to Rayna in the first place. With Rayna's help I've reprogrammed those old ways of being (like they never existed - seriously!) and had the bravery and freedom to peel back more layers of self-discovery and intrigue into my inner most desires and aspirations as a person in these confusing modern times. Thank you Rayna for your guidance and love. Truly, you are one of my heroines and you will never be forgotten. I'm ever grateful. Much love!
Amber Gray, Doctoral Candidate, Physics

I'm not a wordie type of person, but I would definitely say that had I not met and worked with Rayna, I truly believe that I would not be as well-adjusted of a person nor would I have met and married my husband, who I now have two beautiful children with. I feel like I'm a better person, wife and mother. I owe all of that to Rayna for giving me the help I desperately need when I need it the most. - MK

Testimonials: Transformational Coaching

The Laser-Light Coaching Circle is helping me articulate and focus on my goals. It is also providing me with the support and guidance to make these goals a reality." - CM

I learned important coaching skills to further my goals and to be accountable for the results. I value the friendship, role modeling of support, sharing other's wins, and the connections I made in the circle. Intention + Decision + Action = Changes. - JW

The power of sharing intentions in the circle and getting support from my partner and the circle was invaluable to me." - LJ

Participating in the Laser-Light Coaching Circle has been a life transforming experience for me. It gave me the discipline to focus on creating greater intimacy with myself and significant others in my life. Working with our group of creative and powerful women in the process of clarifying and achieving their dreams was rich beyond my dreams. Rayna expertly led us through the process of realizing our dreams in a fun and imaginative way. The whole experience was a delight and very inspiring. - CA

The Laser-Light Coaching Circle creates a very safe and supportive space where I'm inspired to enter into the creative process of dreaming about my life, setting my goals, and manifesting the life of my dreams. The support of the other women in the circle has been a powerful catalyst to stimulating the creative process and helping me overcome my own limiting beliefs. The beautiful and transformative guided meditations at the end of each session have powered both my conscious and subconscious processes. I recommend the Laser-Light Coaching Circle to anyone with the intention to manifest the life they have always dreamed of living. - MM

Working with Rayna during the Laser-Light Coaching Circles has supported me in identifying, reaching for my dreams to make them a reality. Her deeper processes focus my energies on what is best for me; the answers are within me and with sufficient nurturing through self-care, I can hear and see my truth. I have learned there is no one right way to progress. Growth is a fluid, flowing and subtle process that leads me through many small steps that add up to big changes. Rayna's nurturing and loving guidance both inspired me and encouraged me to listen to and trust myself. The life purpose meditation gave me the most powerful messages from my soul. I loved the higher/deeper meditations at each session and hope to continue working with her.
KG, Sales Representative

Testimonials: Radio Shows

"I so enjoyed the radio show today and love hearing Rayna in her presence and power contributing so much to the listeners! I particularly liked, after Brenda would talk about the astrology of the day for the listeners, Rayna would add so much wisdom from her deep intuition that benefitted the listener. Rayna has an innate connection with Spirit and shares this wisdom in a beautiful, gentle and aware way that supports people in their next step."
Trish Regan, Co-founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii


Rayna, I am really lucky to not only know you but have been gifted to work and be guided in your talented presence. Your guest hosting on Your Astrolohgy Now made it a great radio show. Your voice and intonation are impeccable on your radio show. Major thumbs up! Love you and love you more!
AG, Physicist