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Rayna is a gifted intuitive, author, marriage and family therapist, master hypnotherapist, conscious channel, and transformation coach. She has over 30 years of experience facilitating powerful psychospiritual energy and sound healing sessions in her office, on the phone, in her presentations, seminars, work/playshops and her
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She works with individuals, couples, families, businesses, and organizations in the health, education, and corporate worlds.


The Joy Of Loving Myself

by Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, MHT

We've heard it all before, "All you need is love" and "Love is all you need." But how many songs and conversations really focus on loving ourselves? In today's stressed out world we are bombarded with the brutality of war, injustice, microbial pandemics, natural and ecological disasters, and terrorism. How many of us really take the time to think about spreading good old-fashioned love power to fortify our own being and work together to save our precious world? Many of us are now high-conscious baby boomers who grew up in the 60's, The Love Generation. By now we hopefully have enough money, power, and motivation to make a stand to create enough of everything we need in this world to not only survive, but to thrive. Healing ourselves and the world involves each of us believing deeply that love is the most important and powerful force in the universe for creating positive action on the planet. Healing ourselves through the power of love is created through our very own thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is up to each of us to ultimately discover and experience what true love and peace really are and understand that it all starts within each of us. The power of unconditional love and acceptance is our own responsibility, an inside job to uplift and feel whole within. Only then can the miraculous power of love express through each of us in our own lives and positively affect others and our world.

We all grow up learning what love is and isn't from our not always "functional family" and others who influenced us. Some of us were "abused," hurt and scared into believing love was painful. This may have been unintentional, but its emotional trauma resulted in psychological, physical, mental, and soul-related dis-eases that adversely affected our health and wellbeing. Are YOU ready to feel good, more joyful, relaxed, your real self, and master the art of receiving the abundance that is your birthright? I am!

You feel more alive, on purpose, and successful in life when you feed yourself positive messages and associate with fun, high-energy, nurturing people who naturally support you in living a happy, fulfilled, abundant life.

Now you may wonder, "How do I transform my self, my relationships, health, career, wealth....." Start by trusting and opening your heart to people who embody unconditional love: skilled counselors, therapists, life coaches, spiritual teachers, caring friends, body workers, and your evolved family members. Then keep affirming positive statements to set the law of attraction in action, "I am easily breaking through all internal barriers to create the life of my dreams. I rely on my intuition, my wise inner voice of love to guide me. All my own answers to life's challenges are within me. I enjoy expressing my unique gifts, skills, and talents to serve humanity. I accept and am at peace with all around me." Believe wholeheartedly in yourself and visualize what your spirit wants to create and the Universe will support you!

Many of us are hungry to feel more alive and purposeful. It's time to take action to transform our consciousness and grow more spiritually in the new millennium. It's important for each of us to take personal responsibility to generate love and gratitude and create a more compassionate and cooperative life path. Only then will our positive intentions and actions truly make a big difference in creating a world of peace, harmony, health, and sustainable abundance. It's time to join together to shift old negative beliefs and practices to new, more transformative ones. Let's use this window of opportunity to join our hearts, protect Mother Earth, and create our global family so everyone will thrive, celebrate, and support one another and to have the highest quality life.


Rayna Lumbard, LMFT is a gifted Marriage and Family Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Psychospiritual Energy and Sound Healer. She facilitates powerful transformations for individuals and couples in her therapy ~ healing practice, InnerSuccess Transformations. She is also the author of “Empowering Your Divine Life Purpose,” the lead chapter in the new book Authentic Alignment. Rayna has positively inspiring ways of actualizing your unique vision and life purpose into action to create the love, joy, bliss, and balance to accomplish your dream life.