Dolphin Healing Adventure


Rayna is a gifted intuitive, author, marriage and family therapist, master hypnotherapist, conscious channel, and transformation coach. She has over 30 years of experience facilitating powerful psychospiritual energy and sound healing sessions in her office, on the phone, in her presentations, seminars, work/playshops and her
Dolphin Healing Adventure in Hawaii.
She works with individuals, couples, families, businesses, and organizations in the health, education, and corporate worlds.


Connecting With the Dolphins

by Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, MHT

My fascination with dolphins began in the '60's with Flipper, that adorable dolphin on television. This unique story about two brothers who live with their park ranger father in Coral Key Park, Florida touched the hearts of many people. The program centered mostly on how Flipper, their pet dolphin either saves one of them or helps them to save someone else from danger. This new animal (cetacean) on television was easy for many children, teens, and adults to love. I remember developing an emotional connection to this smart, magical dolphin hero. You may be curious about what is so special about dolphins. You may need to take a trip back in time to when you were a child, naturally full of wonder, laughter and love.
Throughout my childhood I spent most of my summers at the beach in Seaside, Oregon with playing with my cousins. I didn't mind the cool weather much then and had no fear of being in the cold water. I remember singing “I’m going to go back to my little grass shack in Kealakekua Hawaii,” having never been to Hawaii and not knowing why I loved that song. I just loved being away from busy Portland, the sights, ocean sounds, smells, and how I felt being at the beach, I loved the powerful ocean and the fun we had clam digging and visiting the aquarium. I now prefer swimming in the warmer, crystal blue water of Hawaii with dozens, if not hundreds of wild dolphins all around me. When I am planning my winter holiday, I always choose Hawaii, my dolphin, whale and ocean home away from home.
Over the last few years you may have noticed many more boats offering snorkeling and encounters with dolphins in your favorite resorts. These are wonderful opportunities to see, communicate with and swim with dolphins. More and more people are also very excited to experience these adorable, joyful creatures up close and personal in facilities. You may be wondering why spending time with the dolphins is such a sought-after experience. Just ask the people who pay upwards of $250 per person to connect with these amazing creatures! Did you know that dolphins radiate positive joyful energy and work as energy therapists for healing physically and emotionally challenged children and adults?

My fascination with dolphins continued as my own spirituality expanded. In 1997 I met a beautiful woman named Ashleea Nielson at The Healing Summit in Monterey, California. Being in her presence felt as though I was connecting with a magical dolphin who looked like a mermaid. She came all the way from Maui, HI to share her wisdom and love of dolphins. In her book The Dolphin Tribe, she describes her own experiences researching dolphins. Ashleea shares what she learned about their evolved way of living and communicating with each other and with us humans who have a real genetic link to them. I was open to feeling the loving power of dolphin energy while reading her book and listening regularly to her dolphin meditation tape. Within a short period of time I knew in my heart the dolphins were speaking to my soul, initiating me into their tribe, their global family and Universal pod. Merging with their radiantly beautiful energy has deepened my own unconditional love and joy, inner peace, and awakening to a whole new level of consciousness! I began realizing that the dolphins and whales are highly evolved spiritual teachers assisting humanity in opening their hearts and minds to transformation on many levels in our relationships with each other and with our planet. The message became clear, "If humans as a species are going to thrive in the future, we need to be part of the global solution to shift out of greed, scarcity, distrust, manipulation and separation consciousness!" I asked and prayed for divine guidance, "How can I best use the enlightened insights I am receiving from my dolphin connection to take massive action to living my divine purpose with passion and compassionate?" I was "called" to merge with dolphin consciousness on a daily basis and share their evolved qualities with my family, friends, and people I serve as a therapist and healer!" The more I asked the right questions, the more divine answers kept coming…….

As much as I loved receiving profound messages and energy from the dolphin realm, my soul was longing to be in the water with these magical creatures. When I was well enough to travel in 2003 after a difficult recovery from a ruptured appendix the year before, I cruised to Bermuda with my husband. I hadn’t consciously planned to see dolphins, and yet was guided to take a short walk in town. I found Dolphin Quest! We did not have much time before we had to return to the ship and were surprised they had one opening left in their next dolphin encounter! My dream of being up close and personal with a dolphin came true. My group met in the pool with a very large bottlenose dolphin named Khyber, and we fell in love instantly! Even though dolphins in facilities are trained to perform and are away from their natural ocean habitat to meet humans, this blessing happened to me for a wonderful reason. I felt honored having this special, magical time to spend with Khyber.

The group enjoyed some initial get-acquainted games of throwing hoops around Khyber’s neck and petting him as he swam around our circle. I felt a deep connection with him when the trainer asked me to walk out into the middle of the pool. I was so surprised when his huge body flipped up by his tail fluke. I reached out and held both his fins as we began our dolphin dance. What a thrill I cherish forever in my mind, heart, soul and on video! Then came the most wonderful kiss. I was in dolphin bliss! Being open and very present served to transform my consciousness and body to a much higher dimension of light and love much quicker than in meditation. I was hooked!

You and many others, aware or not, have the opportunity to experience profound changes or shifting in your conscious experience of yourselves and life from a new perspective. After a close encounter with dolphins in a facility, on a boat or swimming with wild dolphins, stay in touch with what’s happening and be open to riding the wave of ecstacy.  Their familiar 3rd dimensional earthly, logical reality begins to feel more expansive, similar to smoking marijuana or being on other drugs. This feeling is similar to deep love and ecstatic joy! It is what devotees of Spirit express when they bow their head in reverence in a Namaste greeting. I honor the place in you where the entire universe abides, where love, truth, light, and peace abide. When we are both in that place, resonating with each other, we are one. The dolphins and whales (cetaceans) are our spiritual cousins, a reflection of the “highest” in us, our connection to Spirit, God, All That Is… We are living in the Aquarian Age, the 5th dimension (or higher) plane of existence, which is more easily accessible now than ever! It is not only around us, but we can embody these qualities of the spirit any time we choose! is pure light, love, joy, divine truth, and bliss  and where divine messages download into our awareness. Dolphins remind us that living in fear, scarcity consciousness, living in a sea of blame, resentments, pain, unforgiveness, and judgment are choices we make that transform and dissolve in higher vibrational energy, the energy the dolphins and whales share with all beings and the world around us. Shifting away from 3rd and 4th dimensional “either-or” thinking into both-and reality changes all our relationships with ourselves and each other. This evolved, more expansive state is available to everyone! What a different world we will live in when more or most of us are aware of what positive, brilliant, magical Beings we truly are! When we feel the dolphins' uplifting energy, healing sonar, and playfulness, we connect with our own Higher Self and playful nature that is naturally intuitive and open to creating the world of our dreams! I invite you to experience this with me in beautiful Hawaii at my Dolphin Healing Adventure! (click here for the next adventure in Paradise)

In essence, dolphins communicate a deep sense of peace, love, joy, and oneness with everyone and everything around them. They help us get in touch with these universal qualities of the Higher Self in ourselves and others. If you are frustrated with your life as it is now, want to feel more fulfilled and happier in your relationships, career, healthier, consider working and playing with me in  or are feeling “called” a profound healing of mind, body, emotions, relationships, and finances and start gliding through life as smoothly as the dolphins do. I highly recommend spending as much time as you can with these awesome cetaceans! Their intelligence, telepathic and echolocation abilities are inspiring and phenomenal. They are truly a gift from God, here to enlighten and assist us in transforming our planet.


Rayna Lumbard, LMFT is a gifted Marriage and Family Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Psychospiritual Energy and Sound Healer. She facilitates powerful transformations for individuals and couples in her therapy ~ healing practice, InnerSuccess Transformations. She is also the author of “Empowering Your Divine Life Purpose,” the lead chapter in her new book Authentic Alignment. Rayna has positively inspiring ways of actualizing your unique vision and life purpose into action to create the love, joy, bliss, and balance to accomplish your dream life.