Dolphin Healing Adventure


Rayna is a gifted intuitive, author, marriage and family therapist, master hypnotherapist, conscious channel, and transformation coach. She has over 30 years of experience facilitating powerful psychospiritual energy and sound healing sessions in her office, on the phone, in her presentations, seminars, work/playshops and her
Dolphin Healing Adventure in Hawaii.
She works with individuals, couples, families, businesses, and organizations in the health, education, and corporate worlds.


Healing Energetically with the Dolphins

by Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, MHT

Being connected to dolphins is a blessed experience, whether it’s in the water, in my mind, or working with clients in a healing context. Dolphins communicate a deep sense of peace, love, joy, and oneness with everyone and everything around them. Many people experience a profound healing of mind, body, emotions, relationships, career, and finances and start gliding through life as smoothly as the dolphins do. I highly recommend spending as much time as you can with these awesome cetaceans! Their intelligence, telepathic and echolocation abilities are inspiring and phenomenal. They are truly a gift from God, here to enlighten and assist us in transforming our planet.

I really enjoy giving presentations about my experiences with the wild dolphins, sharing the dolphin’s gifts to humanity, and channeling dolphin energy for individuals and groups. My first trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in January 2004 was one of the highlights of my life! Snorkeling with wild spinner dolphins, beautiful tropical fish, and attuning to whales elevated my being into higher dimensions of light and love energy. The playful dolphins communicated telepathically showing us a new transformed paradigm for living in bliss. I continued to channel dolphin energy with various transformational groups on the Big Island in 2005 and 2006. This experience awakened group consciousness and opened hearts to more loving and joyful lives.  The dolphins’ messages of deep faith and transformational growth resulted in participants being happier, healthier and more successful in their everyday lives. I am committed to being a dolphin ambassador and healer is a precious gift I will share forever.

In 2008 I was guided to join Humanity Unites Brilliance as an Arc Angel with Trish Regan and Doug Hackett from Dolphin Spirit of Hawaii. As our friendship evolved, our personal and planetary missions became clearer. We attended HUB’s Awakening Your Brilliance and Actioning Your Brilliance events in California. Trish, Doug and I created the special 5-day Dolphins, Joy, and Brilliance Retreat, attracting the perfect facilitators and participants who were ready to dive into their souls to manifest Deep Transformations in our lives. In December I presented the Healing Energetically with the Dolphins Playshop as part of this special program, which included three swims with the dolphins, energy and sound healing, Quantum Manifestation processes, and deep soul sharing that brought out our higher gifts and talents, shifting us into new dimensions of Being. Trish and Doug attracted our pod of friends and together we became a spiritual family forever connected to the magic of the cetaceans. Thank you Trish and Doug for leaving your comfortable lives to dive into unchartered waters back in 1993. For more enlightening adventures in Hawaii.

I was not planning in trip in early 2009, but I found myself in a lot of pain preparing our taxes. Fortunately, I had a session with a powerful Hawaiian healer on April 14. To my surprise, the dolphins called me to come to Hawaii ASAP for my birthday! I called Trish from Dolphin Spirit and found out there was a retreat coming up in 2 weeks. I got online, found a cheap airline ticket, was invited to stay at her home and was off to Hawaii, again!  Trish and Doug’s Dolphin Retreat ~ Ascension Dynamics felt like home. My good friend Diana Bluer met me there. We totally immersed ourselves in the experience of a lifetime.  We created a group intention, or theme, to accelerate the manifestation of our soul’s ascension.  “We surrender to our spiritual power and unconditional loving expansion to allow us to magnetize the spirit of oneness within us to manifest our soul’s divine purpose.”  Our group soul’s purpose is to live heaven on earth. Thank you dolphins for having such divine “porpoises!”

My dolphin pod included my friend Diana, a new friend from Switzerland, and of course Trish, Doug, and the dolphins lighting our way. We spent four mornings on several different boats with lots of opportunities to get in the water. We loved swimming and connecting energetically with the dolphins! This raised our vibration the more we swam and shared our awesome experiences in our group.  The dolphins knew what we are thinking and feeling. They used their sonar to work with our emotional blocks. We asked for messages and received healings. Loud sonaring in bullet fashion came from one of the alpha males. This helped me release negative thinking, putting an eternal smile on my face. I also let dolphin bubbles pop on my third eye and heart—with special encoded loving messages for me. Eye gazing and parallel swimming with a dolphin is soul gazing at the highest level.  The vibrational wave of love I received with this message was, “You are my beloved.”

On one of our boat trips I had an amazing experience.  When the captain stopped to allow us to glide into the water for yet another swim that day, my guidance said, “Rest up, the dolphins aren’t going to be physically close to you this time.” Then I felt a nudge to go in the water anyway to see what happens. As I swam “outside,” toward the ocean side of the boat, I saw a huge half rainbow in front of me.  I love rainbows and felt very blessed to see even one half of one.  Then the captain directed us to swim toward shore, “inside,” where I saw the other half of the rainbow. I suddenly realized that no one else was having this experience.  I asked the dolphins what this meant. I heard, “Have faith, we are always with you, blessing you.” I felt a surge of power and the knowing that I will move here someday. I didn’t understand the whole message until that night when Trish channeled messages from St. Germaine. She said that there was a glitch in the timing to move here, that is why the rainbow was in two sections. I looked for real estate and found one condo I fell in love with, but it was not for my highest good now to commit so much money, time, and energy into renting this place out in between visits. We continued to focus on the dolphins supporting our highest intentions to manifest our lives through our playful experiences this week. It was exhilarating! I can tap into feeling the dolphins any time I choose, and so can you. I invite you to join me for my next dolphin adventure in Hawaii, in my office, on the phone or Skype!


Rayna Lumbard, LMFT is a gifted Marriage and Family Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Psychospiritual Energy and Sound Healer. She facilitates powerful transformations for individuals and couples in her therapy ~ healing practice, InnerSuccess Transformations. She is also the author of “Empowering Your Divine Life Purpose,” the lead chapter in the new book Authentic Alignment. Rayna has positively inspiring ways of actualizing your unique vision and life purpose into action to create the love, joy, bliss, and balance to accomplish your dream life.